Access Codes

Access Codes

To unlock the full set of teacher resources on FOSSweb, you will need to enter an access code. To get started, register and log in to From your teacher page, locate the yellow "Activate a New Module" button. It should be below the header with "Teacher Homepage." Click on the button and enter your access code on this screen.

Where to Find Your Access Code
Where you find your access code depends on the edition of FOSS you are using.

Newer FOSS Kits

Next Generation K-8 Edition, Third Edition Elementary, Second Edition Middle School, and Texas Edition
Access codes for these editions can be found printed on the inside cover of your Investigations Guide.

How do I know if I am using a newer kit?
These kits were published after August 2011, and come with a spiral-bound Investigations Guide and a separate Teacher Resources book.

Older FOSS Kits

If you are using older FOSS editions, please fill out our contact form to request access codes. You should receive a response within 24 hours (business day).

How do I know if I am using an older edition kit?
These editions were published before to August 2011. You can also tell if you have one of these kits if it came with a single Teacher Resources binder.

Access Code Help

You will only need to enter in your access code once. The only exceptions are trial codes with an expiration date. After your trial code expires, you'll need to enter in a permanent code.

For more help with adding access codes, please see our FOSSweb Walk-through video page or our help pages. You can also download a user guide PDF that includes the registration and access code process. If your questions aren't answered here, please contact FOSSweb Tech Support using our contact form.