Allergy Information


The FOSS Next Generation Program uses a wide variety of materials as part of the program. Some of these materials are known, or contain known, allergens. While we work to include alternatives whenever we can, some materials should be avoided by those students and teachers who suffer from allergies.

Please be sure to review the Materials chapter in your Investigations Guide or on FOSSweb for each module. We note materials that may contain possible allergens by calling out these materials in the sidebar along with a safety icon Safety icon in the Materials chapter and each FOSS Investigation.

You'll also need to review all teacher-supplied materials, including food stuffs, to make sure no students have allergies that would require them to avoid these materials.

In addition to the Safety Data Sheets supplied for each module and course, we've also created the Allergies and FOSS Materials document to be used as a guide to all FOSS-provided materials that are, or contain, known allergens. In addition, for investigations involving gluten (wheat), legume, or shellfish allergies, we provide alternatives to use in place of what is usually provided in the kit. If you have students with gluten or legume allergies, please access the specific PDF (gluten-free alternatives / legume alternatives) for alternative suggestions for these materials. If you have students with shellfish allergies and you want an alternative to working with crayfish in Structures of Life, please see the alternative investigation detailed on the Module Detail Page for Structures of Life.

In all instances, you must be aware of any known student allergies and have students' families consult with a medical professional as needed.