For Families and Community Members

Information for Family and Community Members

Teachers: Consider sharing this page with anyone who would like to learn more about your science curriculum.

Family and community members may have questions about what science is being taught at the school; occasionally they have time, resources, or expertise to support science and engineering instruction; and some simply want to know what FOSS is. If FOSS is being taught, you can rest assured that it is an award-winning active science program that is aligned to the national standards used in most states across the country.

Students who use FOSS will:

  • Participate in exciting science learning opportunities regularly
  • Use science notebooks, starting in kindergarten
  • Engage in engineering activities
  • Go to the schoolyard to apply the indoor learning to a real-world setting
  • Utilize technology to enhance the science learning
  • Engage with literacy supports that deepen science understanding
  • Think critically about what they know, what they think they know, and what they need help better understanding

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