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Technology to Engage Students at School and at Home

Multimedia activities. These include online activities to extend learning and virtual investigations and student tutorials to support students who have difficulties or who have been absent.

FOSS Science Resources. The student reading book is available as an audio book on FOSSweb. In addition, as premium content, FOSS Science Resources is available as an eBook.

Home/school connection. Each module includes a letter to families that provides an overview of the goals and objectives of the module available. In addition, Home/School Connection masters are available for students to use at home and in their neighborhoods. These items are available in print and on FOSSweb.

Student media library. A variety of media enhance students' learning, including photos, videos, audio versions of student books, and frequently asked science questions.

Recommended books and websites. FOSS has reviewed print books and digital resources that are appropriate for students and prepared a list of these media resources.

Class pages. Teachers with a FOSSweb account can set up class pages with notes and assignments for students and families to access online.