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Technology to Support Teachers

Teacher-preparation video. The video presents information to help you prepare for a module, including detailed investigation information and equipment setup and use.

Science-notebook masters and teacher masters. All notebook masters and teacher masters used in the modules are available digitally on FOSSweb for downloading and for projection during class. These sheets are available in English and Spanish.

Assessment masters. The benchmark assessment masters for grades 1-6 (Survey/Posttest, I-Checks) are available in English and Spanish.

Focus questions. The focus questions for each investigation are formatted for classroom projection and for printing onto labels that students can glue into their science notebooks.

Equipment photo cards. The cards provide labelled photos of equipment supplied in the FOSS kit.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS). These sheets have information from materials manufacturers on handling and disposal of materials.

Module summary. The summary describes each investigation in a module, including major concepts developed.

Module updates. These are important updates related to the teacher materials, student equipment, and safety guidelines.

Module teaching notes. These notes include teaching suggestions and enhancements to the module, sent in by experienced FOSS users.

Streaming video. Some video clips are part of the instruction in some Investigations, while others extend concepts presented in a module.

Resources by investigation. This digital listing provides online links to notebook sheets, assessment and teacher masters, and multimedia for each investigation of a module.

Interactive whiteboard resources. You can use these resources with or without an interactive whiteboard.

Teacher Resources chapters. FOSSweb provides PDF files of these chapters in Teacher Resources-Assessment, Science Notebooks, Science-Centered Language Development, Taking FOSS Outdoors, and FOSSweb and Technology.

Investigations eGuide. The eGuide is the complete FOSS Investigations Guide component of the Teacher Toolkit in an electronic web-based format, allowing access from any Internet-enabled computer. The Investigation eGuide is available as a PDF or as an interactive platform for FOSS Next Generation.

FOSSmap and online assessments. A computerized assessment program, called FOSSmap, provides a system for students to take assessments online, and for you to review those assessments online and to assign tutorial sessions for individual students based on assessment performance. After students have completed a benchmark assessment, FOSSmap automatically codes the multiple-choice, multiple-answer, and short-answer questions. Once the codes are in the FOSSmap program, you can generate and display several reports.

Tutorials. You can assign online tutorials to individual students, based on how each student answers questions on the I-Checks and posttest. The Student-by-Item Report, generated by FOSSmap, indicates the tutorials specifically targeted to help individual students to refine their understandings. Tutorials are an excellent tool for differentiating instruction and are available to students at any time on FOSSweb.