FOSS in Multiple Classes

Some elementary schools do not follow the traditional self-contained classroom model where one teacher teaches all subjects to his/her own classroom of students. There are models where schools have a science resource teacher who teaches the majority of science to all of the site’s students on a rotating basis.. Another model may have grade level teachers team teach and each takes a different content area to teach to all students of that grade level, e.g., one teacher teaches science, another teaches social studies, and a third teaches math. Even though FOSS was not designed for these kinds of models, it can be adapted for concurrent use of the materials by multiple classes. The documents found below are designed to help teachers anticipate the additions and modifications they will have to make for multiple uses of FOSS modules designed for grade K–6. The questions that must be answered are:

  • How much additional consumable material will I need?
  • What additional permanent equipment items will I need?
  • Are there additional management and preparation considerations?

In putting together these documents, we assumed that no more than 32 students would be in the classroom at any one time. We further assumed that the module kit is in fully refilled condition so that there are enough consumable materials in the kit for the first class.

Click on the grade level span for the edition you are teaching . You’ll find module-specific charts that will provide information on the additional materials you will need for a given number of classes taught concurrently. Part numbers and package quantities are supplied. Most of the items are consumable, but in some modules you will need additional permanent materials so that each class can have its own set of certain materials. There is also a list of teacher-supplied items for the whole module.

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FOSS in Multiple Classes Grades K-2
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FOSS in Multiple Classes Grades K-2
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