Year-long Planning with FOSS

As you begin your academic year, you’ll want to plan your FOSS science instruction effectively for the entire year, to not only provide an enriching and engaging science experience for your students, but to also provide smooth transitions for yourself. Some questions you may need to consider are:

  • Are there FOSS planning resources I can refer to for guidance?
  • What modules or courses will I be teaching this year? In what order will I be teaching them?
  • Are there any live organisms that I need to obtain?  When do I need to order them?
  • Are there any materials besides live organisms that I need to plan for ahead of time?
  • Are there any long-term investigations I should know about?
  • Are there any weather considerations I should know about when conducting any of the outdoor investigations?

Start by referring to the FOSS Grade Level Planning Guide for the grade level you are teaching. The Planning Guide introduces the instructional segments of each FOSS module/course at a specific grade level. The guide will also help you understand the relationships between the components of the program and how to use them to provide continued improvement of learning for your students. Access the guide by logging into your FOSSweb account and navigating to the module/course you are teaching. On the Module/Course Detail Page, click on Planning Guide and Other State Resources in the Teacher Resources column.

Refer to the Materials Management page  on FOSSweb for general considerations with managing materials, including refurbishment, plant and animal care, sources for organisms, teacher-supplied materials, and allergy information. In addition, refer to the Live Organism Schedule to know when to order the organisms you will need to teach your life science module/course. If you use a grade- level kit in grades K-5, you’ll also want to review the Grade-Level Module Kit Contents (under Module Kit Contents on a module detail page on FOSSweb), so you’ll know where to find all the materials for all your modules throughout the year.

There are some investigations or parts of investigations that require special outdoor considerations, such as weather, or require students to conduct long-term observations. Refer to the Teaching FOSS Throughout the Year document for suggestions on how to teach certain outdoor parts in inclement weather or extending learning in different types of weather (scroll to your grade-level in this document). The document also details which parts require long-term observations and offers suggestions to help you prepare for those observations accordingly.