FOSS Module Summary

Module Summary – Balance and Motion (3rd Ed.)

We live in a dynamic world where everything is in motion, or so it seems. But not everything is moving the same way. Some things move from one place to another. Other things rotate around and around. Still other things are stationary, stable for a time, balanced on a thin line between stop and go. Other objects move back and forth or vibrate. These are the global phenomena that students experience in the Balance and Motion Module. In this module, students will:

  • Create and use representational models to demonstrate stable balanced systems.
  • Construct and evaluate toys that demonstrate spinning, and explain how they operate.
  • Design runways to control or change the motion of marbles.
  • Communicate observations and compare stability an motion, using precise vocabulary.
  • Plan and carry out investigations with sound and with magnetic force.
  • Analyze and interpret observational data.

For a description of each investigation in the Balance and Motion Module and the correlations to the National Science Education Standards, download the Module Overview PDF.

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