FOSS Module Summary

Module Summary – Weather on Earth (3rd Ed.)

The constant renewal of water on Earth's land surfaces by the activities in the atmosphere is one of the defining characteristics of Earth, the water planet. The Weather on Earth Module provides students with experiences to explore the properties of the atmosphere, energy transfer from the Sun to Earth, and the dynamics of weather and water cycling in Earth's atmosphere. In this module, students will

  • Investigate properties of air.
  • Describe the atmosphere, using visual displays.
  • Use weather instruments to measure temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, wind direction, and wind speed.
  • Conduct experiments with heating of earth materials and with solar water heaters to build explanations.
  • Investigate the conditions that cause condensation and evaporation as part of the water cycle.
  • Interpret the data displayed on weather maps and look for patterns over time.

For a description of each investigation in the Weather on Earth Module and the correlations to the National Science Education Standards, download the Module Overview PDF.

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