FOSS Module Summary

Module Summary – Solids and Liquids (CA Ed.)


The Solids and Liquids Module provides experiences that heighten students' awareness of the physical world. Matter with which we interact exists in three fundamental states: solid, liquid, and gas. In this module first graders have introductory experiences with two of these states, solid and liquid.


  • Develop curiosity and interest in the objects that make up their world.
  • Investigate materials constructively during free exploration and in a guided discovery mode.
  • Recognize differences between solids, liquids, and gases.
  • Explore a number of liquids.
  • Observe and describe the properties of solids and liquids.
  • Sort materials according to properties.
  • Combine and separate solids of different particle sizes.
  • Observe and describe what happens when solids are mixed with water.
  • Observe and describe what happens when other liquids are mixed with water.
  • Observe and describe what happens when materials are mixed, cooled, and heated.
  • Use information gathered to conduct an investigation on an unknown material and make new observations when discrepancies exist between descriptions.
  • Draw pictures that portray features of objects.
  • Record observations and data with pictures, numbers, and words.
  • Organize observations on a bar graph.

For a description of each investigation in the Solids and Liquids Module and the correlations to the National Science Education Standards, download the Module Overview PDF.

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