FOSS Module Summary

Module Summary – Living Systems (3rd Ed.)

The Living Systems Module has four investigations that focus on systems as the unit of study. The idea of a system is one of the grand integrating (cross-cutting) concepts that pervades all of science. Students start by looking at Earth as the interaction of four Earth systems or subsystems—the geosphere, the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, and the biosphere. The focus of the module then turns to the biosphere as students explore ecosystems and organisms in terms of their interacting parts.

  • Analyze everyday systems and subsystems.
  • Analyze food chains and food webs as a way to study the biosphere.
  • Make and analyze a worm habitat as a decomposition system.
  • Investigate nutrient-getting systems of yeast, plants, and animals, including humans.
  • Investigate and model transport systems in plants and animals.
  • Investigate sensory systems in animals.

For a description of each investigation in the Living Systems Module and the correlations to the National Science Education Standards, download the Module Overview PDF.

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