FOSS Module Summary

Module Summary – Air and Weather (3rd Ed.)

The Air and Weather Module provides experiences that heighten primary students' awareness, curiosity, and understanding of Earth's dynamic atmosphere and provides opportunities for young students to engage in scientific and engineering practices. Students explore the natural world by using simple instruments to observe and monitor change. In this module, students will:

  • Discover properties of air by observing interactions of air with objects.
  • Demonstrate that compressed air can be used to make things move.
  • Construct parachutes, pinwheels, and kites, and observe how they interact with air.
  • Use weather instruments, including a thermometer, an anemometer, and a wind vane, to measure air conditions.
  • Observe and describe daily weather on a calendar; record observations using pictures, words, and data.
  • Graph weather observations to look for patterns in local weather conditions, precipitation, and temperature throughout the seasons.
  • Monitor and record the changing appearance of the Moon over a month.

For a description of each investigation in the Air and Weather Module and the correlations to the National Science Education Standards, download the Module Overview PDF.

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