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Website Help—Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FOSS Walk-through Videos and PDFs page!

The FOSS Walk-through Videos and PDFs page has resources for teaching FOSS as well as information on registering, activating modules, creating classes, and creating student accounts. If you have specific questions, please read through the following frequently asked technical questions. Or take a look at the tech specs for FOSSweb.

If your question is not answered here, contact FOSSweb Support.

Self-Registered Teacher Accounts: New User

Help for new users who are trying to register for an account.

Self-Registered Teacher Accounts: Existing User

Help for existing users who are registered for their own accounts.

District-Registered Accounts (SIS Teacher)

Help for teachers whose districts set up their accounts using Clever, ClassLink, or other rostering system.


General help for administrators.

Students and Parents

Help accessing and navigating FOSSweb for students and parents.

Online Assessment Users (Educators)

Help for teachers using FOSSmap, the FOSS Online Assessment system.