Tech Specs and Info

To take advantage of the rich repository of resources on FOSSweb, your computer needs to meet the minimum technical requirements outlined below.

NOTE: To ensure good communication with FOSSweb support, districts should whitelist the domain:, including unblocking any emails coming from ""

FOSSweb and FOSS Multimedia applications are supported on the following configurations:

Operating Systems PC Windows 7, 8, 10, or higher  
Mac OS 10.12 or later

 Most recent versions*


* Very recent updates may not have been tested yet.



Browsers Chrome, recent versions (v. 76.x or later)

If you are having trouble viewing FOSSweb content in a particular browser, if possible, try a different browser to see if content format is improved.

When using a browser on an iPad to view an interactive Student Resources Book, make sure pop-ups are permitted. You can change this setting for Safari in the "Settings" app. Read more under Tech Help.

Safari, recent versions

IE, 11.0 or later

Although most FOSSweb content can be viewed on these browsers, some multimedia activities are not supported. If you do have trouble accessing any activities with these browsers, please try the same activity on the most recent version of Chrome or Safari for best results.

Firefox, recent versions (v. 65.x or later)
Flash Recent versions

Not required for any recent K-5 modules and Middle School courses, but may be used in older versions of FOSS modules.

Test your browser's version of Flash (not for mobile devices).

Adobe Reader Version 8 or higher Required to download and view duplication masters and other teacher resources.



If your school has a firewall, you may be unable to view the FOSS videos. If you click on several FOSS videos and none of the videos play, it is likley a firewall issue.

For FOSSweb videos to work, please ensure that your school has the following sites added to the firewall whitelist and that both .mp4 and .mp3 filetypes are unrestricted through

  • *
  • *

You may also need to ensure that port 80 and port 443 are open for videos streaming from Akamai servers.

For the FOSSmap assessment system to work properly, the following sites should be added to the  whitelist:

  • *

If you are still having trouble after going through this information, use the FOSSweb Support form for any questions.


 Last edit: 10/24/19